What Do You Rule?

I spent yesterday with my middle grandson, Elroy, who was wearing a yellow crown he made at a local art event. When asked why he had a crown on, he replied matter-of-factly, "I'm the King of Pretending."Elroy_thomas

Wow! What confidence in that statement. At 5, most of us believed that we could do anything. If we were fortunate, we were surrounded by people who reinforced that belief.

Aging affects more than memory, strength, and health. It can, if we don't pay attention, undermine our self-confidence. When was the last time you announce yourself the King or Queen of anything. Out loud. In public. With a crown on you head.

This lessening of belief in your ability is a change you don't have to accept! You just have to practice claiming your unique talents and abilities. Out loud. In public.

By the way, a crown helps!

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