What’s the Successful Change Difference?


Photospfefferbig On the plane traveling to Atlanta, GA and Marilynn Mobley, Sr. VP of Edelman and author of  Remaining Relevant in Times of Change I finally got around to reading the September 2006 issue of Business 2.0.

The article by Jeffery Pfeffer What Works – The Human Factor ended with the following. "The difference between success and failure among companies in a study of 29 small firms operating in depressed regions of the US came down to either accepting resource constraints and giving up or seeing possibilities others didn’t."

Sounds like the ability to CHANGE your attitude makes all the difference!

One thought on “What’s the Successful Change Difference?

  1. Congrats Chris on your insightful blog. I always enjoy your weekly tips on change — and I’m glad to see you’re sharing your insights in this longer format.
    As a speaker, you always have current, thought-provoking ideas to share — and it’s a pleasure to see you’re equally as eloquent on the stage and the page. Kudos.

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