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Performance Review Myths

Continuing to answer the excellent questions submitted by the participants in my session Managing Resistance to Change at the ASAE Great Ideas Conference. These Association leaders really know how to get to the heart of an issue with a question!


 If you are not a part of the Association Management world, substitute employees for the word member. You're facing these issues, too and the answers will apply.


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1.    When mandating change with reviews

Questions and Answers about Resistance to Change

In mid-March, I had the opportunity to present a session on Managing Resistance to Change at the ASAE Great Idea! Conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Spring, COGIC header_logo. During the program, participants had more excellent questions than time allowed for answers during the actual break-out. We gathered the questions via text messaging and I promised to post answers on my blog. So, to all the Great Idea! participants as well as any other readers, I hope you