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Open Your Notebook Newsletter – Volume 1, Issue 5

In The Pocket Muse Endless Inspiration: New Ideas for Writing (Writers Digest Books, 2006), author Monica Wood cautions writers in the folly of re-visiting earlier works.

“Reviewing an old subject, one
that still haunts you, will work only if you begin afresh without
looking back. Otherwise you will waste your energy troubleshooting some
other writer’s work – because you are no longer that writer
Wish your earlier work well. Do
not scorn it. Be generous to the younger you who wrote it. This was the
best you could do; be glad that you can now do better. Then say goodbye
to that work, and begin something that the younger you would not have

Think back – what subject was outside your reach a few decades, years, or weeks ago. Open Your Notebook and commit to ten minutes of writing what you are now experienced enough to write about.